Thursday, March 10, 2016

Why ADF? Is ADF a right framework for developing enterprise applications?

I have came across these questions several times. I also became tired of explaining how good it is.

Why it is one of the best frameworks?

It is one of the best frameworks in the current market for rapid application development. Initially, when it was released, it has minor to moderate quality issues. As the product is getting matured the quality seems to be getting improved.

Of course, it has less adoption compared to other frameworks. The key reason is being, it is a proprietary product owned by Oracle.

Out of the box features that it provides is one of the major advantages. The same requires lot of coding in other frameworks. Also it provides out of the box standards and flexibility, which is hard to achieve with other frameworks.

I have been using ADF from last 6 years for enterprise application development. Initially, I have went through the pain of learning, but once I got my hands dirty, it made my life easy. I have also worked with other frameworks like PrimeFaces and Angular,  but I get ADF is the best for rapid and interactive UI development. You just have to how to use it property. 

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